Sunday, 30 December 2012

Grandma's Kitchen

This piece is sold

"Grandma's Kitchen" was the theme for this Journal Quilt way back in December, 2008.  It was during the first year of our Journal Group.

Gradually I'll add all the journal quilts that I've done.  They go back to 2008.  That's 5 years worth, times 12.  Look forward to about 60 pieces in the future!  And I'll add other, non-journal pieces as well.

This work ended up 12” x 20” approximately, although I had intended to cut it off at 12” square, in keeping with the rest of the art journals.  I couldn't bring myself to cut it down though, and I like it the way it is, even though the elements tend to 'float around' a bit.

I started with the hand painted flowers that I fused onto the procion dyed background. These were then thread painted in yellows and creams. The sketch of my grandma’s kitchen was done by my uncle when he was a young man. I have always loved this sketch. I traced the main elements onto the background and then machine stitched the outlines in a heavier black cotton thread.

The old doily was spray fused onto the background and then stitched. I had the most fun with the machine quilting on this piece. I love the details around the doily. In an attempt to balance things I stitched on some quilted inchies that I had kicking around, and added the trinkets of tea kettle, watering can and trowel because my grandma loved her garden and her kitchen.

And here's a close-up:

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