Sunday, 30 December 2012


This piece is sold

"Doorways" was this journal quilt theme, and it was from July, 2010

Doorways in July.  It makes me think about sailing in the coastal passages; every time you come around a headland you're sailing through a doorway into another landscape and another set of conditions.

Size 12” x 12”

I used batik fabrics, 2 layers of cotton batting, polyester embroidery threads, sheer fabrics and lace.

Techniques:  I worked within my scrap basket, layering raw edge pieces into a landscape design directly onto the first layer of cotton batting. Different colours of synthetic sheers and laces were placed over the raw edge composition. I used a blue sheer for the sky, and a lighter blue for the water.  Dense textured quilting was done to hold the sheer in place.  These are the swirls in the sky, the water texture, and the trees.  

Now, I'm supposed to say that next, I used a heat gun to melt away most of the sheers.  But, being me and impatient to look for the heat gun, I used my iron (IRON!) instead.  Yes, what a mess!  And whoops the lace went too. Next time I will use cotton lace, and cotton thread too, so that the thread will not melt!

Then I added a second layer of batting and a backing and did some simple quilting to add some dimension.  Here you can see the shapes of the mountains, and the trails in the water. The border is actually the binding with another strip of batting added to make it extra puffy. I was originally going to make a round border and make it look like a porthole, but for the sake of saving time I made a window/door frame instead.

Here is a close-up:

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