Monday, 9 January 2017

Forest Filter Series IV & V

Emily Carr - "For all their crowding, there was room between every tree, every leaf, for limitless mystery."

I like the way sunlight filters through a giant Douglas Fir forest, reflecting colours until the air is saturated. Focus on the miniature world growing on tree bark and branches.

Peace on earth, tiny planet. 

Here are two forest pieces recently completed for a Fibreart Network Exhibition 'Botanical Reflections' that opens in Van Dusen Gardens January 27 - March 15, 2017.  The pieces will also be shown at the CQA Quilt Canada event in Kingston, Ontario, June 14 -17, 2017. 

The rich sculpted surface of these pieces is a result of hand-dyeing, fabric manipulation, thread sculpture, painting, and quilting. Materials include cotton & tapestry fabrics, cotton & polyester threads, yarns, and polyester sheers.  They have been mounted on 3/4" canvas frames and are suitable for shadow box framing with or without glass
Size 12" x 24".
Completed December, 2016