Friday, 17 May 2013

"Forest Filter"

This piece has sold

Approximately 18" x 22"

The inspiration came from photos taken at Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island.  I started with hand-dyed background fabric using a technique I'll call 'line-dyeing'.  The tree trunks have had all kinds of torture treatment; encrusting, layering, stitching, heating, burning, padding, and then painting.  In that order.  The distant trees are made with sheer fabrics, cut out with a stencil cutter.  The middle distance tree trunks are fabric.  The moss on the tree trunks is made with thread built up onto water soluble stabilizer.  As are the foreground branches.  

Her is a close up.  I love how the light comes through the trees, created by the choice of fabrics.

And here is another close up of one of my favourite bits; the moss on the tree trunks.  When you see it the moss looks so real.  You can also see that the background is stitched to add more texture.  Oil paint is used on the tree trunks to show reflected light.

Hope you like it!