Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tallhe Guest House, Bella Coola, BC

This piece is sold

Tallheo Guest House, Bella Coola, BC

Size: Approx 21 ½” x 27 ½” This quilt was done as a project in an Ionne MacCauley landscape class. I knew my niece was getting married in the summer, so I decided to do the piece for her. I started with a photo of the Tallheo Guest House, part of the Old Cannery that she and her soon to be husband are fixing up as a Lodge.

The technique is raw edge applique, the pieces being placed directly onto the batting. I paid attention to perspective and value while looking at the photo. I didn’t make a pattern, but cut freeform. I had a lot of fun constructing this house. I did a lot of dense quilting all over the piece, bringing in textures of wind, trees, grass, and foreground foliage.

Here is a close up:

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