Thursday, 10 January 2013

"All That Sparkles"

For the Journal Theme "All That Sparkles"

Size 12” x 12”

I used a tall glass to dye several pieces, dribbling the dye down the insides of the container. I got a couple of good pieces out of the container, but this one was a reject because the dye was too strong in places, and I was after that crystallized effect. A square of this rejected fabric was folded into a snowflake fold and then clamped in several places. A few strategic dips into full strength bleach and then a thorough rinsing out. The snowflake appeared, although faint in places. I highlighted the lines of the star by stitching with Sliver Thread (by Sulky). Too bad you can’t see the glitter in the photo. Not satisfied, I added some beads, trying my best to be subtle. Sorry, I couldn’t help it looking a bit like Christmas – that good old red and green!

Here is a close up of the thread and beading:

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