Saturday, 25 October 2014


Made by Terry Phillips
Quadra Island, BC
Size approx 12” W x 13” H

As this series ‘unfolds’, I present to you the 5th teapot. There is nothing so romantic as the unfolding of a rose on a warm summer day. You bring your face closer and the sunwarmed petals release their tea scented fragrance into the soft air. It is no coincidence they are called Tea Roses. Don your long gloves, hat, and fancy dress for a tea party in the summer garden.

I love making quilted roses, and have done many over the years. They’re fun to sculpt with the stitching and now I can add extra dimension using acrylic paints. The leaves and sky weave together to create the background. The lacy tablecloth is created using a common sashiko design. I don’t like the convention which says show objects in odd numbered groups like 3, 5, or 7. Many times I choose groupings of 4, and do it in a way that might be pleasing, in this case 3 + 1. Just stubborn I guess.

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