Monday, 6 October 2014


Size approx 12"W x 13" H

Here is my contribution for the theme “Medieval”.

I saw plenty of medieval pottery in Greece, Italy, and Spain this year, but nothing I would describe as a teapot. So I used the internet to search out shapes of teapots made in medieval times. The tall shape with the narrow opening at the top meant that no lid was needed and still the contents stayed warm and wouldn't spill out when pouring. The green glaze was typical of pottery wares coming out of England after 1080, at which time glazes started to appear on pots. Copper filings were added to the lead based glazes to obtain the decorative green colour.

The designs carved onto the pot are my fabrications based on ancient celtic designs from the British Isles. Following the medieval theme, I placed the stone wall, cobbled street, and stone arches in the background. This teapot may also have held a tipple, judging from the grape vines!

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