Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Endless Mystery - Part II

The title for this piece was inspired by Emily Carr.  She loved forests and trees more than just about anything and at one point in 'Klee Wyck' she says "For all their crowding, there was room between every tree, every leaf, for limitless mystery."

I have spent a couple of days stitching in the tree trunks.  Here is the piece from the back showing the white stabilizer that keeps the piece from getting distorted during construction.

The shaping of the tree trunks begins at the back where the seams are graded and stitched down so that the trees will have the correct rounded shape in the final product.

Here you can see the main structure of the piece taking shape.  The main trunks are all in place as is all the foreground.  There is room to walk right into this forest and become immersed.  

There is still lots to go!  Next will be ferns and shrubs, followed by tree branches.  Before the quilting the tree trunks will get some extra padding to make them stand out.   Here is a close up.

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