Saturday, 13 December 2014

Architecture - Blue and White Teapot

By Terry Phillips
Quadra Island, BC
Approx Size 12 “ W x 13 “ H

This is the 8th teapot in the series, and the most difficult to fit with a theme. On the surface there is the architecture of the pagoda on the teapot and the little mountain hut in the landscape. But I was also trying to contrast the architecture of the rough, brown, craggy mountain of nature with the smooth, refined, blue and white globe of the glazed teapot. There is some not so obvious symbolism between the grandeur and dominance of a sacred mountain and the architecture of very large, imposing buildings like cathedrals and skyscrapers built by architects, however humble they may be.

Nonetheless, there is sanctuary in the mountain hut as there is sanctuary in a cup of tea.  

The mountain is pure fabrication, as is the design on the teapot.

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