Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My Place

Approx size:  16 ½ “ wide x 14 ½ “ tall

This piece is done in response to a summer challenge of 2013 which was to interpret 'Your Place' in fabric.  This could be a literal translation of your house, your property, or  your garden.  Or it could be a wider interpretation of 'your place' in the world, your community, or your family.  Included was to be an object of personal significance in your picture (real or copy).  For example, your pet, your favourite chair, the tree you planted.

All pieces are hand-dyed.  The orange fabric is stamped with a hand carved stamp.  The green fabric is stamped, but also sketched using wheat paste medium.

My challenge to myself was to incorporate these varied fabrics into one piece, and then let them play off one another.  Repeated shapes, repeated colours, and rich texture in a formal, yet informal layout keep the eyes moving around, searching for an element of harmony.  The paintbrush becomes the object to which all other elements relate.

Here is a photo of the pieces beginning to take shape:

And here is a close up of the stitching which includes quilting, thread painting on the leaves, and background infill on the orange.  

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