Saturday, 28 September 2013

That Storm III

approx: 24" wide x 30" long

 I started with a piece from a storm at sea quilt top that I had deemed inferior.   I must have thrown this old quilt top away at least 6 times.  I keep retrieving it at the last minute.  I prepared several sections out of the top by painting them with gesso and white acrylic paint to tone it down and stiffen the fabric. Then I overpainted with coloured acrylics and so they sat. Then we had THAT STORM in March 2011 and I knew what I would do with them. Meanwhile I received a phone call from the bus depot saying there was a large/heavy tote box waiting for me; prepaid. Inside was a treasure trove of upholstery fabrics courtesy of my brother. And so the tree was born out of pieces of upholstery fabric. I fused them onto the background and then free-motion zigzagged around the edges.  Next I added some irridescent fabric paint/oil stick to highlight the glistening branches. The piece is double batted, and the quilting is done in ‘isobars’ to accentuate the force of the wind.  The resulting textile is quite stiff and heavy, but can still be rolled.  I have done three versions of this stormy tree in different sizes and colours.

And here is a close up:

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